South Sudan National Association of the Deaf

Other name
Mailing Address
Juba, South Sudan P. O Box 108 c/o Juba Christian Centre South Sudan
South Sudan
+21199815117, +211922853753, +211923493103
Organization Type
Disability, Development and Rights Organizations
Working languages
Susu arma Chinese Gusii Teochew Slovak Tigrinya Vai Siwu Somali Javanese Haya Luyia Oshiwambo Bini Burmese Romansch/Rha Papiamento Temne Serbo-Croat Urhobo Bassa/Basa Kachhi Lomwe Macedonian Oromigna Igede Lak Gaelic Scot Kag
To ensure equal participation of Persons with Disabilities in All Development Aspect and Level of goverment
Promote gender equality and empower women Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Achieve universal primary education
Main targeted members
930 fully Registered Members in all States of South Sudan which include the Deaf (with Disability) only and 56 members with no disability and intrested to help the deaf like Sign language Intepreter and social worker.
Source of income
Donations and grants from domestic sources
Other Source of income
Goverment Ministries and Individuals
Organization Structure
Chairperson, Deputy, Secretary, Treasure, of the Head office and Regional the Programme Coordinator, Human Right, Gender, Sign Language, HIV/Aids, Child Officers and Advocacy officers in allvsectons Patron who advices the the organisation.
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