South Sudan Human Rights Society For Advocacy

Other name
Other Acronym
Mailing Address
Tongpiny Kololo Road US Embassy, Juba-South Sudan South Sudan
South Sudan
Organization Type
Non-governmental organization
Working languages
Bwa Baya Nahuatl Kinyanyembe Kacci Khmer Hungarian Thai Pashto Kachhi Swedish Cameroonian Berber Gilbertese Kutchi Yoruba Silozi Cutchi Kalabari Moru Ekpeye Pangasinan Mongolian Yiddish Lozi Pular Greenlandic Ga ulu Kerewe G
To monitorm document and publish human rights violations in the Republic of South Sudan and beyond and to train general public on the importance and respect of human rights, democracyand rule of law to creating responsible, justice oriented and good governance oriented nation.
International affiliations
Darfur Relief and Documentation Centre, Geneva, Nationa NGO Forum, South Sudan etc
Main targeted members
Two types of membership:Founder Members: These were the subscribers of its Constitution when the organization was formed. (b) Ordinary members: After the formation of the organization, any person who may wish to join the organization may do so by making a
Source of income
Membership fees or dues Donations and grants from domestic sources
Organization Structure
It has a board led by a chairperson and a number of field staff led by an Executive Director, all elected by the General Assembly of its members from the states making up the territory of South Sudan.
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