All Africa Students Union

Other name
Mailing Address
State House Complex, Opposite Awudome Cemetry, P. O. Box M274, Accra, Ghana / Other: N/A Country Not Available
233-302-258484 / Other: 233 21 66 54 61 / 66 34 50
233.302.774821 / Other: 233 21 71 48 21
Organization Type
Non-governmental organization
Working languages
English French
Geographic Area of Intervention
Regional Africa
Activities/Actions Areas - Details
Economic and Social: Citizenship and Governance Culture Development Drug Control Education Extreme poverty Governance HIV/AIDS Peace and Security Youth Financing for Development: Addressing systemic issues International Trade as an engine for development Mobilizing domestic financial resources for development Gender Issues and Advancement of Women: Advocacy and outreach Capacity building Education and training of women Human rights of women Indigenous women Millennium Development Goals Research Social Development: Conflict Employment Poverty Social policy Youth Sustainable Development: Capacity-building Climate change Consumption and production patterns Demographics Desertification and Drought Education Gender equality Science Sustainable development for Africa Sustainable development in a globalizing world
As a continental student/youth organisation, AASU set for itself such objectives as the integration of youth and student movements for the overall socio-economic development of the continent and pan-africanism, defending students rights, improvement of equity, democratisation and equal access to education at all levels, and the fostering of academic freedom, freedom of research, autonomy of higher institutions of learning, championing womens rights and the promotion of democratic culture amongst its various peoples among other worthy objectives.
International affiliations
Main targeted members
54 national student organizations from equal number of African countries
Source of income
Donations and grants from domestic sources Foreign and international grants Product sales and business services Fees for education and training services Membership fees or dues Fees for providing consulting or research services
Organization Structure
Congress The Executive Committee The Secretariat
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