SALAM Center

SALAM Center
Other name
SALAM Center
Mailing Address
BP 7032 Moroni Comoros
269 334 70 96 / 333 12 57
Organization Type
Disability, Development and Rights Organizations
Working languages
French Arabic English
Geographic Area of Intervention
Activities/Actions Areas - Details
Economic and Social: Children Disabled Persons Education Financing for Development HIV/AIDS Habitat Human Rights Humanitarian Affairs Labour Population Volunteerism Women/gender Equality Youth Gender Issues and Advancement of Women: Capacity building Human rights of women Information and communication technologies Millennium Development Goals Women and HIV/AIDS Social Development: Disabled persons Employment Poverty Social policy Technical cooperation Youth Statistics: Demographic and social surveys Disability Statistics Sustainable Development: Education Gender equality Health Integrated decision-making Partnerships Transport
SALAM Center ??uvre pour que nos concitoyens handicap?©s puissent vivre leur vie quotidienne avec et comme les autres.
Ensure environmental sustainability Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases Improve maternal health Promote gender equality and empower women Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Develop global partnership for development Reduce child mortality Achieve universal primary education
Main targeted members
1 Pr?©sident 1 Secr?©taire G?©n?©ral 1 Tr?©sorier G?©n?©ral 1 Tr?©sorier Adjoint 1 Contr??leur 1 Conseiller
Source of income
Donations and grants from domestic sources Foreign and international grants Product sales and business services Fees for education and training services Membership fees or dues Fees for providing consulting or research services
Organization Structure
C'est une Organisation Non Gouvernementale structur?©e par : - un Bureau Ex?©cutif - les Adh?©rents
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