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Andrew Rugasira
GNAP Business Fellow, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Good African Coffee, Uganda
Andrew Rugasira is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Good African Coffee, a Uganda-based social enterprise that brings quality coffees roasted and packed at source to the global market. 

Good African Coffee was the first African-owned coffee brand to be listed in UK supermarkets (Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Tesco). The company works with a supply network of more than 14,000 coffee farmers in western Uganda, where the company has also developed 17 savings and credit coops for those farming communities. He and his wife Jacqueline own and operate three leading coffee shops in Uganda under the Good African Coffee brand.  In addition to being available in more than 700 UK supermarkets and 500 stores in Africa, Good African Coffee is now available online in the United States.
Rugasira earned a degree in law and economics from the University of London in 1992. He has also written numerous papers and articles for newspapers like the Guardian (UK), Financial Times (UK), and Telegraph (UK) and also the New Vision (Uganda).  Rugasira is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London and has spoken there on the theme “Trade not Aid for Africa.” In June 2011, he completed an MSc in African studies at Oxford University, UK. 

Rugasira is involved with a number of charities and church projects in Uganda. He was also Uganda’s chairman of the Eastern African Fine Coffees Association (EAFCA), a member of Uganda’s Presidential Investor Roundtable (PIRT) and sits on the board of Maisha Film Lab. In 2007, the World Economic Forum nominated him as a Young Global Leader. He has won several awards including the Legatum Pioneers for Prosperity Award (2007) and Uganda Coffee Development Authority’s, Ugandan Entrepreneur of the Year 2007, and was nominated for a Financial Times/Accelor Mittal Boldness in Business Award (2010).

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