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What GNAP Offers?



  • A continental open-access platform that facilitates collaboration, networking and mutual learning. 
  • A platform with a database and Internet search engine for content providers.  
  • A simple do-it-yourself online page for organizations and individuals to upload and manage their own content, as in many other social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook. 
  • A clear and concise not-for profit organization that fosters efficient collaboration between like-minded organizations, activists and scholars, as well as introduce other actors and agencies previously unknown. 
  • An efficient organization of data into countries or regions such as North Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa, and Central Africa. 
  • Thematic organization to help guide users through the network and database such as agriculture, media, governance, arts, micro-financing, entrepreneurship, human rights, peace, etc. 
  • A service to verify and certify the individual / organization profilepage: Certified organizations or people will appear first during the search.  
  • An oversight and monitoring service by GNAP staff who are devoted to transparent, legitimate and credible civil society. 
  • A decentralized service for GNAP to create and maintain a profile page for specific organizations, updating the profile, and certifying their data. 
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