Featured Fellow: Dr. Merieme Chadid, Renowned Astronomer and Explorer


Featured Fellow: Dr. Merieme Chadid, Astronomer and Explorer

Astronomer and GNAP Civil Society Fellow Dr. Merieme Chadid shares her experience and insight on the importance of science in Africa, and gives advice to up-and-coming students.

Dr. Chadid is the first astronomer to have been committed to install a large astronomical observatory in Antarctica. She planted, for the first time, an Arab flag (Moroccan) at the South Pole.  She has been honored by the World Economic Forum, the My Hero project and Forbes Magazine.



How have your personnal experiences shaped your own perception of science in Africa?

As Astronomer and Explorer, I have been able to learn from scientific experiences and high-risk scientific expeditions: what science can bring to our lives, to our world and to our universe. How science can be a wonderful human adventure and an amazing driver of development.

Science has been contributing immensely to solving many of the challenges that humanity is facing. As a scientist, my principal role is to bring the benefits of science to all nations and all countries of the world, advancing and developing countries.


What is the potential for scientific advancement in Africa?

In my opinion, Africa has a great potential, with many new opportunities for being involved in the great adventure of science. There is great potential because of such a young and numerous population, with new opportunities related to such a rich and large continent.


What are you aiming to achieve with science in Africa?

By putting science at the heart of the development of Africa, my aim is to reduce science illiteracy, to give a balanced contribution of scientific activities to all nations and finally to inspire a new generation of scientists to work for a more sustainable brighter future in Africa and the whole world.


Do you have any advice for up-and-coming students of science?

I would say to students of science: “share your experiences with the whole world and explore the universe”. 

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