January - February 2013

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Letter from the President

landrysigne2A Letter from the President

As 2013 begins, I want to offer a heartfelt thank you for your membership in the Global Network for Africa’s Prosperity (GNAP). Your well-known commitment to Africa’s development serves as an inspiration to many and your insight is a valuable asset for the future of the continent. With your support, we will continue to makes great strides toward achieving Africa’s prosperity and positively integrate the continent into the globalized world.

GNAP is an innovative continental open-access platform that democratizes access to knowledge; enhances local and international cooperation; facilitates mutual learning and expertise transferability; generates economic and social opportunities; promotes sustainable growth and development; fosters Africa’s prosperity and builds stronger future for all Africans. 

GNAP Fellows: A Rich and Diverse Community

gnapfellowcollage1 optGNAP Fellows: A Rich and Diverse Community

Well-respected scholars and professionals from the business, civil society, entrepreneurship, media, public health, and governance communities across Africa have come together to form GNAP’s fellowship program. GNAP fellows are highly regarded individuals, with an established reputation in their fields and comitteded to the pursuit of Africa’s prosperity.

Global challenges are complex and intertwined, thus solutions must incorporate expertise and experience from all sectors of society. We believe that by fostering a community of experts with diverse backgrounds and accomplishments, we can facilitate groundbreaking dialogue, communication and collaboration. Fellows work with GNAP leadership to consult and advise on upcoming projects, participate in conferences and contribute to GNAP publications. Most importantly however is their contribution to the original ideals of the project in pursuant of Africa’s prosperity.

Featured Fellow: Dr. Merieme Chadid, Renowned Astronomer and Explorer


Featured Fellow: Dr. Merieme Chadid, Astronomer and Explorer

Astronomer and GNAP Civil Society Fellow Dr. Merieme Chadid shares her experience and insight on the importance of science in Africa, and gives advice to up-and-coming students.

Dr. Chadid is the first astronomer to have been committed to install a large astronomical observatory in Antarctica. She planted, for the first time, an Arab flag (Moroccan) at the South Pole.  She has been honored by the World Economic Forum, the My Hero project and Forbes Magazine.



Featured Fellow: Angelo Izama, Innovative Award-Winning Journalist

Angelo Izama Featured Fellow: Angelo Izama, Innovative Award-Winning Journalist

Award-winning journalist and GNAP Journalism Fellow Angelo Izama shares his expertise on the pressing issues, challenges and potential for Africa's media.

Izama is a former Knight Fellow at Stanford University.  He has been a multi-media journalist with Monitor Publications in Uganda for 13 years and is a regular contributor to various international publications including the New York Times, The Guardian and the BBC.  In 2007, Izama was a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow with the National Endowment for Democracy.  He is currently researching and writing on Uganda’s nascent oil and gas sector as an Open Society Fellow.  He is also co-founder of a human security think tank based in Kampala, Uganda.


Is Africa Emerging? Economic Growth, Business Opportunities and Challenges in the 21st Century

Harare nightIs Africa Emerging? Economic Growth, Business Opportunities and Challenges in the 21st Century

A decade ago, The Economist published an article entitled “Hopeless Africa” (May, 2000), which provided several reasons to despair for the future of the continent: dreadful wars, disease, misery, floods, famine, thuggery, despotism, corruption, rape, cannibalism, and poor economic performance despite abundance of natural resources. However, The Economist (December, 2011) has recently changed its tone, expressed regrets, and published an article entitled "Hopeful Continent: Africa Rising", stating that “Africa’s progress is a reminder of the transformative promise of growth.” These changes are not just rhetorical but substantive, as many African economic and political transformations have demonstrated.

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