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  • To democratize access to knowledge and technologies 

GNAP collects and share data/reports from NGOs, research centers, business organizations, activists, investigative journalists, and international organizations to inform and educate people (citizens, scholars, students, and organizations).


  • To enhance local, regional and international cooperation 

GNAP connects African organizations locally, nationally, regionally as well as internationally with leading experts, scholars, and institutions throughout the world working on similar issues or looking for local partners.


  • To facilitate mutual learning and expertise transferability

GNAP facilitates the collaboration, networking and mutual learning with those in Africa facing the same challenges in human rights, peace, security, education, governance, democracy, development, health, technology, and entrepreneurship.


  • To generate economic and social opportunities

GNAP offers a platform to share economic and social opportunities and innovations between its members both locally and internationally.


  • To promote sustainable growth and development

GNAP promotes economic freedoms, growth-friendly policies, poverty alleviation strategies, and sustainable development.  

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